Maria Henkel

Maria Henkel

Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

About me

I currently am a postdoctoral researcher at the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and part of the DESIVE2 research team. In my doctoral research, I focused on information literacy and its promotion through different institutions and methods, especially in libraries of informational world cities and international library systems.

I want to understand how and why people find, use and share (mis-)information and how we can become a more inclusive and empowering society by teaching information literacy skills to everyone.

Being a researcher in information science, it is also my mission to question and investigate how research works and to try to make it a more open and transparent process that can be accessed and understood by everyone.

As a visiting researcher at the QSS lab, I joined research projects that support this goal. We use bibliometric and scientometric methods to learn more about bias in scientific databases, the development of social justice research, and more.

I like to think that our research can contribute to better scholarly conduct and communication to support an informed, democratic society.