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title: “Use of Bibliometrics and Altmetrics in Research Impact: Assessment of the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies”

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  • Philippe Mongeon, Alexandra Yip, Cat Gracey, Ingrid Sketris, and Samuel Stewart tags: [QSS talks]

abstract: “We present a case study of the use of bibliometrics and altmetrics to evaluate the output and impact of a research network: the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES), a network of pharmacoepidemiologists and other researchers from seven provincial sites, that studies the benefits and risks of drugs post marketing ( CNODES evaluates the impact of its research efforts using an iterative and emergent approach. It uses Canadian and occasionally US and UK population-based administrative and other healthcare data. Research findings are relevant to drug regulators, drug plan managers, clinicians, researchers, and others. Our objective was to use bibliometrics and altmetrics to measure the research output of CNODES and its impact in science and beyond. We examined the characteristics of CNODES authors and publications to highlight the network’s contribution to gender parity, training, and open science. We used OpenAlex ( to collect metadata for the 115 CNODES publications archived in McGill University’s digital repository ( and published between 2011 and 2022. We used all publications (n=236,319) with a citation relationship (citation, co-citation, shared reference) to CNODES work as a benchmark to assess our impact of as measured by citations, as well as mentions in social media, the news, and policy documents collected through the Altmetric API ( We analyzed the contribution of women and trainees to CNODES output. This approach using OpenAlex can be used by other researchers to determine the outputs and impacts of their unit’s research.”

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