New QSS Members

In September 2022, QSS Lab welcomed 10 new members! Please find the profiles of Toni Beaton, Naomi Richards, Mercy Chikezie, Keith MacKnight, Julia Crowell, Joana Hiemstra, Hailey Wills, Courtney Pearce, Catherine Gracey, and Blake Curry here. QSS is excited to grow its membership, expand its lab facilities, and develop as an academic organization. Many new projects are already underway as a result of the efforts and skills of our new members.

“The distribution of scientific, media, and policy attention to Canadian forestry research” by Curry et al. uncovers the prominence of specific forestry themes and discourses across scientific, public, and policy spheres in Canada.

“The intersection of shark research, policy and the public: a bibliometric and altmetric view” by Toupin et al. shows the diversity of shark-related research and its audiences and suggest a need for research evaluation to acknowledge that research impact can take many forms, as well as a need to develop strategies to ensure that research that is relevant to the public and policy-makers is adequately disseminated to these stakeholders.

“Do You Cite What You Tweet?” by Hare et al. takes into account the research activity of tweeters and their relationship to tweeted paper to shed new light on the correlation between tweets and citations and sets the stage for new developments in altmetrics research.

More projects are also in progress, involving unique collaborations between QSS lab members and our external collaborators. Stay up to date on our projects here.

Philippe Mongeon
Philippe Mongeon
Assistant Professor, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University