OFI Seed Funding Awarded to Rémi Toupin and Philippe Mongeon

By Madelaine Hare

Rémi Toupin and Philippe Mongeon are one of 30 new projects to receive funding awards from the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) Seed Fund. Their project, entitled, ‘Aligning scholarly and public understanding of ocean knowledge: An assessment based on the UN Second World Ocean Assessment Report’aims to map oceans research synthesized in the UN Second World Ocean Assessment Report, an exhaustive corpus of oceans knowledge. Specifically, they seek to identify scholarly outputs and map the research areas and scientific actors associated with topics and issues in ocean science, and measure attention to research areas from scholarly and non-scholarly audiences and stakeholders. We will assess how attention to research about the oceans is distributed across scholarly communities, policy, news media, and social media. Discrepancies of attention to research areas in relation to social and topical dynamics will be exposed, such as whether certain topics are discussed more because they are deemed more attractive by the media, leveraged by policymakers towards certain ends, or due to imbalance of attention resources in research clusters. This will propel tactical responses to knowledge and capacity-building gaps and key areas of oceans research, the mobilization of resources and knowledge production where it is most needed, and lay the groundwork for more effectively bridging the science-policy-public interface.

The OFI Seed Fund provides financial support and expertise for ocean-related projects that demonstrate a high potential to grow into larger externally funded research projects or to deliver their impact through commercialization.

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