A critical review of measures of research novelty

In this project, we compare the different research novelty measures that have been proposed in the literature by applying them to the same set of publications, and to a set of 1200 funding applications submitted for the Villum Experiment and scored by reviewers for their originality.

Fostering novelty and risk taking in research

The Villum Experiment is a funding program aimed at supporting bold, risky, and truly innovative research ideas that are unlikely to be supported by traditional funding sources. This project aims to provide empirical evidence of the effectiveness of the program by answering the following research questions:

Reducing socio-demographic disparities in funding with double-blind peer-review

This paper analyses three years (2017-2019) of application and review data from the Villum Experiment to analyze how the applicants are distributed by past performance, gender, age, professional status, and institutional affiliations, and how these distributions compare to the overall Danish research population.

The use of “golden tickets” in funding peer-review

In this project hosted by the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA) we use game theory to investigate the use of the golden ticket by reviewers and its effect on the review outcome of the last three iterations (2017-2019) of the Villum Experiment.